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Soal Ujian AAJI.pdf. Related Collections. Related Collections. soal ujian aaji pdf. soal ujian aaji pdf, soal ujian aaji, soal ujian aaji pdf.Q: How to check if 1 row has duplicate values in MySQL table I have a table that has few duplicate values in row. I need to select only one row from that table. For example, I have a table containing 2,076 rows in it. I need to know if that table contains some row where 2,000 has same values. A: Select... Distinct... will return only one row per group. and the GROUP BY clause is for what you are looking for. Example: SELECT DISTINCT(col_1), col_2 FROM table_name GROUP BY col_1, col_2 A: If you want the duplicate rows in one set, you can use GROUP BY to select distinct rows from the table. You can use HAVING to filter out the duplicates from the group: SELECT * FROM table_name GROUP BY col_1, col_2 HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 If the duplicates are not in the same column, you can use JOIN to join multiple columns to your table to find the duplicates: SELECT t1.col_1, t2.col_2 FROM table_name AS t1 JOIN table_name AS t2 ON t1.col_1 = t2.col_1 AND t1.col_2 = t2.col_2 GROUP BY t1.col_1, t2.col_2 HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 A: SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `col_1` `col_1` EDIT: SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE `col_1` `col_1` AND `col_2` `





Soal Ujian AAJI.pdf marjtash

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