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Old Rugby Ball



The main focus of my web page now shifts to the PDF Documentary which I am now working on full time. I took the blog down first so we can concentrate only on the PDF. Why would you ask? Firstly, the blog's layout is not adequate for everything I want to include in the program and secondly, if people can read my blog for free, why would they buy the PDF document that I am working very hard on?

From now on I only give an indication of what will appear in each section (chapter) with just a few examples. Hopefully this will then be enough incentive to purchase each section of the PDF in order to be able to use it in its entirety. A tremendous amount of work and time goes into this and I can no longer afford to display it on the web for free.

What's in it for you?

  • Each section (chapter) consists of about a decade of test series. Each test series covers each test in full with photos (team photos and action photos), match reports, statistics of the touring team and match programme, facts from the tour and legends who played for South Africa during that series. Also included are video clips (mostly in Afrikaans) and audio clips of comments that will be placed in later tests. If you were to purchase the entire series, then you have a complete archive of all tests played by the Springboks of the amateur era, which makes it very easy to look up any fact or statistic from any series very quickly. The complete program will take quite some time to finish, so I advise those interested to purchase the series by section as they are completed. I believe the price is very fair for such a unique and complete electronic book, something that, as far as I know, does not exist and is certainly reason enough to purchase it. To put my work in perspective, almost every Test series the Springboks have played have had books published and the newspapers carried it. The difference is, my work in electronic format covers every test as already mentioned above, not just from one series like the books, but every test from every series divided into sections. So you don't need to buy a book for each series.


Every Springbok rugby test match played between 1891 - 1996 will be covered in this documentary. Below is an example of the first test series between South Africa and Great Britain in 1891. Images and other info gets updated periodically and people who already bought the chapters will get updates. For the best experience, toggle fullscreen at the bottom of the Pdf flipbook and use the arrows to page through. Enjoy!

  • CHAPTER 1:     1891 - 1912/13

  • CHAPTER 2:     1921 - 1938

  • CHAPTER 3:     1949 - 1958

  • CHAPTER 4:     1960 - 1969/70

  • CHAPTER 5:     1970 - 1977

  • CHAPTER 6:     1980 - 1989

  • CHAPTER 7:     1990 - 1996

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